Creven’s Perspective – Chapter Two – Part Four

Quickly the man pacing the room stopped and turned as I walked in before laughing and clapping a hand over his mouth, a natural reaction really to having an eleven year old boy walk in.

“Afternoon,” I said as I closed the door behind me and stood face the man with my arms folded, “Ben right?” I asked and the man tucked his hands into his pocket and raised a eyebrow.

“Yes,” he replied before laughing again, “I do apologise but, after what I’ve heard about the Shadows and integration, having a child walk in wasn’t quite what I expected…I’m not exactly the type to think ‘aww cute a child’ and be thrown off guard.” He stated motioning speech marks with his hands.

“Naturally, but Ben, do I look like a normal ‘child’ to you?” I asked copying his actions, to which he frowned slightly. Many people always found the violet of my eyes and hair unusual, but this was a man used to the supernatural, he would suspect even more.

I watched him continue to frown and open his mouth to say something before closing it again. Quietly and softly I walked around him and just kept circling in complete silence for about ten minutes never letting my eyes leave his.

“Okay, stop that.” He said with a shudder before backing into one of the corners. Simply nodding I stopped in the middle of the room and sat down, again my eyes on his, trying as hard as possible not to blink.

A few times he tried to avert his eyes from mine, but always seemed to be drawn back to them, the colour captivating him, his curiosity actually leading him into my snare. Adrix and Blake had certainly been right when they said he was able to protect his mind, but my actions or lack of them were unnerving him, leading the man himself to weaken trying to work out what I was doing, his own paranoia working in my favour.

I just needed one push, something big and surprising to push him over the edge. From reading his notes I guessed that he may not have come across any Kitsune before and I was sure that my changing forms into a fox would be a surprise, and I was right.

“Bloody hell!” The man screeched and jumped further back against the wall holding a hand out in front, “Do not come any closer…” He stated, fear in his voice, the surprise doing exactly what I wanted, the few unguarded seconds where I could access his mind the information right there in front of me, the thing which had been on his mind the most and until now protected from everyone. “What are you?” He asked as I turned back his breath still short.

“A violet Shadow.” I answered before turning around and heading towards the door which I opened and started to step through before turning back quickly, “Butley Priory right?” I asked with a quick wink watching the man shake his head and begin to start pleading before I stepped fully through and shut the door behind me.

“Nice work.” Adrix remarked clapping me on the back before motioning towards the door back into the corridor but before leaving a quickly glanced over my shoulder looking through the window. The man was on his knees at the door, hands banging on it, shaking his head furiously repeating over and over again ‘Please no, just leave them, they haven’t done anything, please don’t hurt them.’

“Adrix what will you do now, when you send people to Butley Priory?” I asked looking up at him but it was Blake who answered instead.

“Not answer that question until you are old enough to handle the answer.” He said bluntly exchanging a look with Adrix before we all walked back down the corridor, Adrix keeping one proud hand on my shoulder.

A small smirk began to spread across my face, my first mission as a Shadow had been a great success and Adrix was proud of me, I couldn’t be happier and the buzz which it made me feel was like something I’d never felt before – I could read people, manipulate people, I had power.

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Creven Artwork – First Glimpse

Creven Artwork – First Glimpse

  Well here it is, the first small glimpse into Creven’s fox form – all drawn by hand on my iPad using SketchBookX. Hopefully soon I will have completed the rest of the drawing and will be able to share … Continue reading

First Short Story Completed

Hey all!

As some of you may be aware I have just posted my first short story related to the ‘Life of Creven Calanon’. Its a little different to my normal writing and more of an experiment than anything to try to fill in a few of the blanks surrounding the whole bigger story.

It may be a little rusty around the edges but is only my first attempt and as always in another step in helping me to progress my writing so I can bring you the best I can.

As always thank you greatly for reading and keep your eyes open for more!

Short Story One – An Accidental Meeting


Short Story – An Accidental Meeting

Short Story – An Accidental Meeting

Blake had been at the Shadows ever since he could remember, one of the children who’d grown up in the Shadows after they had found him, abandoned in a park one night, or that was what it seemed but even Blake himself did sometimes doubt the ‘just found’ part of the story.

Being in and out of the compound often meant that he didn’t really get to know people that well who also lived in the Shadows, something which he was determined to change, but Adrix always seemed to have him off here and there doing either small errands or actual missions for the Shadows.

Often his job was to scout out people and get to know the subjects before bringing them in for whatever needs to Shadows needed and only being thirteen many people fell for his tricks easily falling for the young upset child. When infact Blake had always been more mature for his age, even at thirteen he was the same height as most of his older peers and was already gaining a stocky build but had the starts of rather charming looks appearing, angular face with high cheekbones.

Blake was also the type who was good at everything he did and from what he’d heard he was no longer the only child at the Shadows to excel at everything.

It was on a time when he had just got back from a job when he first met Creven, who would have been about seven at the time and it was quite a chance meeting of complete accident. Blake was out on his normal evening jog, a usual activity for wherever he was and something which he found centred his mind when he managed to accidently stand on a violet tipped tail.

It was more the yelp from Creven which made Blake stop suddenly and fall over hands, knees and face in the mud before Creven turned form and came to help him up.

“I am so sorry,” Creven started as he offered the teen lying in the mud a small hand but the boy shook his head.

“No don’t be, I think…well I think I stood on your tail?” Blake replied standing up and trying to brush some of the mud off. “Wait, its Creven isn’t it?” He added quickly with a smile and a hand in greeting.

“It was and yes, I’m Creven!” Creven nodded and shook the boys hand as Blake quickly explained who he actually was. “I’ve heard a lot about you from Adrix,” Creven added and Blake nodded.

“I could say the same about you Creven, you are all Adrix talks about when I see him, I think he wants to get you out into the field with the likes of me and the others as soon as possible.” Blake responded and Creven smiled and nodded excitedly.

“I would love that! I get so bored here, can’t wait until I can get out there and actually put into practice what I’m learning with Adrix, but my Father says I’m too young.” Creven explained before sighing slightly and looking at his feet.

“Ah parents, I’ve not got any but if I did I wouldn’t already be out in the field, it is dangerous at times and I guess no one really cares what happens to me, I’m no one’s responsibility…its nice at times, but lonely at others.” Blake said before shrugging slightly and smiling at Creven who looked up and nodded at him.

“Could you teach me some of the skills you need in the field?” Creven asked quickly with a smile of his own and Blake chuckled before nodding.

“Well yes, I guess so,” He started to reply before Creven held out his hand again and interrupted.

“Friends then?” He said and Blake took his hand and nodded shaking it, agreeing to the friends and training deal. Something which became a much greater friendship throughout their lives and Blake became one of the people who Creven looked up to the most a friend and mentor who knew Creven better than most, he actually understood him.

(I’m aware that this is a little rusty around the edges – but is my first short story attempt – thank you for reading – Cx)

Creven’s Perspective Vs The Beginnings + suprise

Evening All!

As most of you may have noticed recently I have been working much more on ‘Creven’s Perspective’ than ‘The Beginnings’ this is mainly because I have found that I’m enjoying working on ‘Creven’s Perspective’ much more.

It has also come to my attention that if I continue writing ‘The Beginnings’ as I have been then I will be going back over story lines which I have already covered – I have now decided to main concentrate on ‘Creven’s perspective’ but may come back to ‘The Beginnings’ at some point.

However – I am also thinking of doing small character stories too – Different events from different characters perspectives to try to bring the whole of the Shadows alive, naturally keeping Creven as my main character but exploring the others a little too – the title of the first of these short stories will be posted soon!

As always thank you for reading and keep your eyes open for more!


Creven’s Perspective – Chapter Two – Part Three

“Adrix where are we going?” I asked taking a sideways glance up at him as we continued to walk towards the detention blocks. I knew the general direction in which we were heading but was curious as to which block we would be entering, each named after a letter of the Greek alphabet depending on how secure they were, or rather, how dangerous the prisoners or subjects as they were called were.

“Only to Alpha block Creven, I want to start you off gently after all, couldn’t imagine that Corbin would be too happy if he knew I threw you in with Zeta block.” Adrix answered my question with a slight chuckle and I sighed.

“Right now I doubt he’s even noticed I’ve left the party.” I added and Blake gave me a sorry look.

“It’s not going to be that bad Creven,” He started to try to explain before taking a small pause of which I was able to fill.

“Not until its been a few months, they start redecorating, doing everything as a couple, have children who will then take more priority than me…” I said looking slightly down at my feet before smiling up at Blake. “Can I move in with you?” I asked quickly to which both of them laughed.

“Creven, I know Lena and Corbin very well now, it will all work out well. You have no need to worry.” Adrix answered as we reached the main doors to Alpha block.

Blake swiped his access card through the slot and the doors slid open before we all passed through into the main entrance beyond. A simple open space with a desk directly in front and two corridors down either side. Adrix waved to the guard on reception before heading down the right corridor.

“Now Creven listen closely,” Adrix started as we walked further down, “This is one of our standard detention blocks, small reception, then cells down the sides here, only about ten in this block, small as they are generally only needed for a small amount of time.” He continued to explain before stopping outside a cell door.

“Okay, so what do you want me to do then?” I asked just wanting to get straight to the point, straight to the interesting part.

“Steady Creven, you’ll need a bit of background information first.” Blake started and I turned to face him folding my arms looking attentive. “The case you are about to face is a forty year old man, who has been able to block his mind from us, he is human but has supernatural friends.” He added and I nodded.

“We need information, location information on where his, shall we say ‘friends’ are currently in hiding,” Adrix took over picking up a clipboard from a hook on the door and handing it to me, the man’s name, age, photograph and full details printed on a piece of paper which I read quickly.

“So you want me to break through his mind and find out the information? The location where these people are hiding?” I asked and both Adrix and Blake nodded.

“Exactly that Creven,” Adrix said opening the door which first led into a small room, just big enough for a couple of people to sit down and look through a one way window into the main cell. Nodding I walked over to the window and peered through, the man dressed simply was pacing up and down around the room a slight nervous look on his face.

“Simple!” I remarked with confidence in my voice before looking up at Adrix who was beaming down at me, one hand on the handle to the next door.

“You’d be surprised, be careful and good luck, Adrix and I will be right out here.” Blake said quickly placing a hand on my shoulder before I nodded and stood to face the door, standing taller and straighter as Adrix opened the door and I stepped through.


(as always thank you for reading and keep your eyes open for more! – Cx)

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Creven’s Perspective – Chapter Two – Part Two

“Can I have your attention please, only for a few minuets, thank you!” My Father spoke loudly across the group as everyone fell silent and I walked over to him. Softly he slipped an arm over my shoulder, “Firstly I’d like to thank you all for coming today, and again wish my Son Creven and Happy Eleventh Birthday!” Corbin spoke again to a cheer from the group towards myself, which did make me blush a little, something which Autumn later reminded me of in private.

“Thanks Father.” I said looking up at him with a big smile, receiving an even bigger smile from him in return. Corbin nodded before taking a deep breath and glancing at Lena who was now stood next to him on the opposite side to me.

“There is a little something else too, as most of you know Lena and I have been, dating for quite a long time now, and well…” He paused before bending down and preceding to take a small box out of his pocket, followed by a gasp from our friends all watching. “Lena, You and Creven mean the world to me, but are currently two worlds which I want to bring together. You’ve always been there for me over the last ten years, even since we first met, and I can’t imagine anyone else who I would want to spent the rest of my life with. Will you do me the honour of accepting my hand in marriage and becoming my wife and stepmother to my child?” Corbin asked, his voice calm and steady as he opened the box, obviously something he had been practising for a while.

“I, well, yes…Yes of course!” Lena remarked small soft happy tears rolling down her cheeks as Corbin took the ring out of the box and slipped it onto her finger. The shinning silver of the metal band engraved with a small lined pattern and inset with little crystals. My Father and Lena embraced to a massive applause, with cheering and a good deal of whooping. I stood there slightly shocked to begin with before being dragged into a hug with them both.

The rest of the day consisted of a lot of laughing, talking, loud music, drinking and eating. I socialised as much as a could before just playing with my friends, a few games of football and cricket, not a chance of getting anywhere near my Father or Lena. Quietly I managed to slip away in the early evening, needing a bit of time on my own.

“Big day.” Blake’s voice came from slightly above me as he sat down next to me a little way off from the rest of the group and handed me a beer, “I know you’re underage, but you probably need this right now, I’m guessing from your face that you didn’t know your Father was going to propose?” He asked as I took the bottle and gulped down a big sip before shaking my head.

“Didn’t have a clue…we’d talked about her moving in with us a few times, she basically lives with us anyway, but he never mentioned marriage, probably should have seen it coming…” I replied before drinking a little more, the coolness and bubbles being refreshing.

“You are happy though right? Its all okay with you?” Blake asked as he turned to face me scanning my face for any sign of emotion, but I just kept a blank expression, “Talk to me Creven.” He added and I sighed slightly.

“Of course I am, I like Lena, shes good for my Father, I have no problems with it. Just surprised.” I replied turning to look over at my friend. “I can read minds Blake, but I didn’t see this coming…how could I have missed this?” I asked with a slight frown before Blake chuckled. “What?” I snapped at him and he shook his head.

“Do you go around reading everyone’s mind all the time? Are you reading mine right now?” Blake asked and I shook my head, “Of course not, because you let the people you know have their own privacy, that makes you a good person Creven.” He added and I nodded again. Blake was right, I didn’t want to know what everyone was thinking all the time, especially my friends and family.

Suddenly I sat up right turning away from Blake. “Oh no, Blake, this means I’m going to be related to Autumn by marriage…” I exclaimed before looking back over to Blake and laughing with him.

“Having fun over here boys?” Adrix’s voice came over both out laughing and we stopped. “Bit a surprise here today Creven, I thought they would just finally move in, marriage, well…no doubt you will have a younger sibling on the way by the end of the year.” He added and I stood up quickly to face him.

“I hadn’t thought of that,” I responded before looking down at Blake who just shrugged. A million thoughts suddenly flying through my mind which obviously Adrix sensed and placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Come with me, I think its time we assigned you your first Shadows operation, you too Blake, it is your case.” Adrix announced quickly before pushing me in front of him back towards one of the main operations blocks, or so I thought, until he started to steer me towards the path which led to the far side of the compound and towards the detention blocks.

(Thanks as always for reading – may be about another week before posting again, holiday time, however that means plenty or writing time! – Cx)

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Choosing Character Names

I have been asked before in my writing why/how I come up with some of the more unusual and usual names for my characters, and this I find greatly depends upon the character themselves.

Sometimes its simple, I have a friend or know of someone/have heard a name which I like so decide to use it in my writing or I take an alternative approach.

A lot of my characters names have meanings, and that is who I decide quite a few of them. Although most of my ‘human’ characters will have names chosen as I like them (Blake, Autunm, Lena) most of the others have specific means, more of which you will see as we progress through my writing..

On choosing the actual meanings I specifically look at the character – what their main personality traits are or what I could match them too. If I have a character who has a dark personality then I will look for a name which has a dark meaning.

My current main example would of course be Creven, which is Irish has a meaning of Fox – a direct link to his character being a Kitsune!
I have a few more characters planned with names chosen in a similar style so keep your eyes open and see if you can would out what they are!

Thank you for reading


Creven’s Perspective – Chapter Two – Part One

“Come on Creven wake up!” My father’s voice come quietly to me at first before getting louder while feeling his hands on my shoulder. Shrugging him off I rolled over and tried to cover my head with my pillow. “Oh come on Creven, or have you really forgotten what day it is?” I heard him again before sitting up right and smiling.

“My birthday!” I exclaimed as he hugged me quickly, it had completely skipped my mind, I’d been so busy recently that I hadn’t actually given it any thought.

“Yes Son, Happy Brithday, eleven now, you’ll be catching me up soon!” Corbin laughed and I just rolled my eyes.

“I think I’ve got quite a long way to go yet Father.” I replied as we both laughed exchanging another hug. “So breakfast in bed right? Followed by…” I started to suggest before Lena walked in and interrupted me.

“Don’t make your Father sound that old Creven, and no time for that, we are already late as it is! Have you seen the time, you’ve missed breakfast completely!” She remarked before walking over and rustling my hair which was slightly longer than usual, the violet ends falling in front of my face over my eyes. “Happy Birthday Creven.” Lena said softly before kissing my forehead, to which I simply replied with my usual ‘eww’.

After a rushed shower and quickly getting dressed, just the casual shorts and t-shirt, my Father and Lena were ushering me out of the door and down the corridor towards the main entrance into the accommodation block.

“Father what is going on?” I asked before he pushed me out through he doors and started walking towards a small gathering of trees which I would normally play in with my friends. On breathing in I smelt the familiar summer BBQ smell and looked up at my Father. “Have you done what I’m thinking?” I asked and my Father just shrugged.

“Surprise, Happy Birthday Creven!” A chorus of voices sang and shouted as a large group of people jumped out from behind the trees. A mixture of my father’s and my own friends, including most of the children who I spent some time at ‘normal’ school with, even the ones I didn’t like that much, but it was my birthday and everyone I knew from the Shadows appeared to be out to celebrate, it was also the summer solstice, quite an important day for an organisation who specialise in the supernatural.

After receiving my cards and presents, mainly consisting of sports equipment and school text books everyone tucked into the BBQ made expertly by none other than Adrix himself, which everyone found a little surprising, but the main Chefs were greatly enjoying their time off. Actually Adrix’s popularity had been growing again over the last few years as everything with the Shadows was starting to run a lot smoother, even their main operations in the field were actually becoming more and more successful, but for now I wasn’t involved in any of that.

“Hey Creven,” A familiar female voice came from behind me and I turned around to see Autumn, a girl the same age as me, with blonde curly hair standing watching me with her arms folded. All of the adults in the Shadows adored Autumn, especially her parents, she couldn’t do anything wrong and the rest of us, well, he got on great with the older kids in the compound and everyone seemed to like her except for me. We ad a mutual relationship where we couldn’t stand each other, we were polar opposites and had often been reminded of it. “My Mum said I had to come today, for your Father and my Aunt Lena, not actually you…you do know Corbin has asked her to move in with you both?” She stated and I just stood there looking slightly confused.

That there was one of the main problems with Autumn, she was Lena’s sisters daughter, Lena’s niece, meaning that we were generally being forced to spend a lot of time with each other, ending up in me getting in trouble and Autumn seeming like the victim. “My Father’s not said anything to me…” I replied and she nodded smiling slightly, glad she knew more that I did for a change.

“Yes well, they are going to announce it later, but don’t think it means that I’m going to like you any more than I already don’t.” Autumn responded before turning around, her blonde curls bouncing as she walked away.

“She’s going to be a stunning good looker when shes older, but that will be the only thing going for her.” Another voice said as a hand was placed on my shoulder and I smiled before turning around, to be greeted by the ever-so-familiar face of Blake.. Tall, Tanned and handsome Blake, the envy of every young male around, he had everything including high position, good looks, intelligence and was only seventeen.

“By then everyone will hopefully have learnt what she’s truly like!” I remarked before holding out a hand to him which he took. “Im glad you’re back Blake.” I added with a smile looking up at him, a friend who I also admired.

“Hopefully, for your sake anyway, its good to be back, I couldn’t miss mini mes birthday anyway!” Blake replied and chuckled before doing what everyone did, rustled my hair. Blake had always called me his ‘mini me’ mainly because of our similarities and I hoped to be like him when I reached his age. “We’ll be working together soon Creven.” He continued with a slightly troubled look on his face, “Adrix has a job for you involving one of my cases, but you don’t have to say yes, I just wanted to make sure I told you before he pressed you into it, I’m not sure how comfortable you will be with it.”He finished before excusing himself to go over to the BBQ.

Puzzled I stood routed to the spot, a job with Blake? What could be better, but then why was he warning me against it, having a proper use within the Shadows was all I had wanted for years. Shrugging I walked over to my Father who was trying to get everyone’s attention and quiet them all down to say a few words, I already knew what was coming.

(Little but longer than normal, but couldn’t really find a place to split it into two, and did get carried away while writing it – as ever thank you for reading and keep your eyes open for more! – Cx)